Dear customers:

Lingbao Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Zhaohui Copper) has passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification in 2014. The products of Zhaohui Copper process in strict accordance with the quality system procedures in the production for quality control, and all products are tested for full performance, while all the performance meet the requirements.

Although Zhaohui copper has authorized Shanghai Xinye Copper Industry Co., Ltd., Suzhou Nowsee Electronics CO.,Ltd., and CIVEN METAL to act as sales agents of our products, the agency period as agreed in the contract expires on December 31, 2019.

Zhaohui Copper solemnly declare that:

1、Upon expiration of the term, Zhaohui Copper will terminate the relationship of agency sales contract with the above-mentioned companies, take back its sales agency right, and does not sign any sales agency contract with the above companies, or grant its sales agency right in other ways.

2、Zhaohui Copper Marketting Department owns the right of products direct sale.

3、The contacts of Zhaohui Copper Marketting Department: China market Tel:(+86)0398-8788818, Fax:(+86)0398-8788805; Korea market Mobile: (+82) 010-4071-3725; Website:

4、During the sales of products, Zhaohui Copper staff will carry the original Letter of Authorization of the Legal Representative.

5、Zhaohui Copper products are strictly implemented in accordance with the standards of IPC4562 and IPC-TM-650, and shall be used within 90 days after the packaging is opened.

6、If there is any quality problem caused by Zhaohui Copper products, Zhaohui Copper will repair and replace them free of charge. If it cannot be used normally after repair or replacement, your company has the right to return the goods and claim damages from Zhaohui Copper.

Lingbao Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co., Ltd

January 1, 2020