Name of Exhibition: TAIWAN TPCA SHOW 2019

Booth No. of ZHAOHUI COPPER: K-1429 (Red Circle Location of the Picture below)

Exhibition Period: Oct 23rd -25th, 2019

Exhibition Location: TWTC Nankang Exhibition Hall 


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TAIWAN TPCA SHOW is organized by TPCA, whose exhibit range includes circuit board, electronic packaging, electronic heat-sink, green science and technology, surface treatment, AOI inspection, Intelligent automation, flexible electronics, Printed Electronics and so on.

Circuit board manufacturing area: single-layer board, double sided board, multi-layer board, HID, IC Substrate, ceramic plate, aluminum plate…

Circuit board testing equipment: AOI testing equipment, Non-destructive inspection equipment, Measurement equipment…

PCB raw material, chemical areacopper clad laminates, electroplate liquid, etchants…

Circuit board dry and wet process equipment: drilling machine, exposure machine, retractable board machine, Electroplating line equipment…

Information below is taken from: https://www.tpcashow.com

Theme of Exhibition

Comprehensive circuit board process solution of 5G NEXT

Includes: AP, SAP, mSAP, SMT, INFO, thick copper foil, thin line, tiny hole, High aspect ratio, multi-layer, High frequency high speed material, Intelligent automation/system/software/standard

Exhibition range

420 exhibitors, 1432 booth

Exhibition Period

Oct 23rd-24th : 10:00-17:00

Oct 25th : 10:00-16:00 (last day)

Estimated visitor

Over 50 countries/ 4,000 buyers from abroad

Top 10 attending countries/countries

China, America, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippine, Germany, Malaysia, India, etc.


Taiwan Printed Circuit Association-TPCA



World Electronics Circuits Council- WECC

China Printed Circuit Association-CPCA

Electronic Industries Association of India- ELCINA

European Institute of Printed Circuits-EIPC

Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association-HKPCA

IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries

Indian Printed Circuit Association-IPCA

Japan Electronics Packaging Circuits Association-JPCA

Korea Printed Circuit Association-KPCA

Exhibition location

Nangang exhibition hall, Taipei

Exhibition structure


Circuit board manufacturing area, Circuit board testing equipment, Circuit board raw material, Chemical area, Circuit board dry, Wet process equipment.

Taiwan electronic assembly international exhibition.

SMT production equipment, inspection facility, materials, chemical product, consumables, SMT test and inspection equipmentPlug-in assembly equipment and materials, Semiconductor production equipment and materials, Production equipment and materials.

Taiwan green technology international exhibition.

Environmental protection equipment and materials manufacturing industry, Manufacturing of renewable products, Environmental protection technology service industry, Environmental management technology service industry.

Taiwan thermal management technology international exhibition.

Heat dissipation module correlation, Thermal measurement and thermal simulation.

Taiwan construction international exhibition.

Sealant resin, lead frame, fulmargin, gold thread, Automatic molding equipment, Slag removal molding equipment, Flip Chip, TCP/COF plate.

Exhibitor countries/region

China, Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, England, America

Exhibition activity

TPCA SHOW Exhibition cup golf tournament

Opening ceremony

5G NEXT New product release

TPCA Bookstore

PCB SHOP Purchasing guide, coffee break and lucky draw area

Happy Hour

WECC Friends International Exchange Luncheon

PCB Work safety practice forum

PCB Award Ceremony for excellent thesis

Green decoration award ceremony

PCB Executive director breakfast sorority

PCB Perspective trend forum

PCB Intelligent manufacturing forum-A Team results sharing

Alliance of micro-Nano metallization process technology