electronica & productronica India 2019



Exhibition period: September 25th -27th, 2019

Location of exhibition: India Expo Centre, Greater Noida.

Range of exhibits:

ComponentsSemiconductor/ luminous diode, embedded system, display device, Micro-Nano system, sensor technology, test and measurement electronic design (ED/EDA), passive element, electromechanical facility/system, electric power supply, printed circuit board, other circuits and environments, components and subsystems, automotive electronics, information collecting and service.


Production Equipment


Semiconductor and display manufacturing, solar cell production technology, battery and energy saving of production, Micro-nano manufacturing, printed circuit board and other circuit manufacture, component installation technology, welding technology and connection, organic printed electronics, mixed component manufacturing, coil production, LED production and discrete device, cable processing and connector technology, material processing, manufacturing and processing software, test and measure, quality guarantee, production assortment, production logistics and logistics technology, productive subsystem, production material and facility, environmental technology and cleanroom technology, and EMS.