Lingbao Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co., Ltd.


Lingbao Jinyuan Zhaohui Copper Co., Ltd. was established in May 2011, located in Lingbao City, Henan Province, the gold city of China, being a new high-tech enterprise specialized in producing high precision copper and copper alloy rolled foil. The company has passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification and ISO14001 International Environmental Management System Certification. With the world-leading production equipment and technology, the company is capable of producing all kinds of foils with thickness of 4-100μm and maximum width of 660 mm. Currently, it is one of the main manufacturers engaged in rolled copper foil R&D and production in the world, and its rolled copper foil products have been in leading position in domestic market.

Zhaohui Copper specializes in R&D and popularization and application of new technologies and new products of rolled copper foil. The company has been approved as a new high-tech enterprise, Henan rolled copper foil engineering technology research center and provincial enterprise technology center, and it is a member of China Nonferrous Metals Fabrication Industry Association. The company can provide ZH-R series high-precision plain foil (hard foil, soft foil, semi-hard foil etc) and ZH-R-T series surface treated foil (reddened foil, blackened foil, copper-nickel composite foil,etc) of various specifications on stable basis. The products are widely used in heat dissipation and electromagnetic shielding, preparation of graphene film, aerospace, flexible copper clad laminate, lithium battery, 5G communication, LED, intelligent vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle, wearable electronics and other fields, etc., which are well recognized and highly praised by customers.